Fit to be Friday (On Time!)

Yay!  I actually weighed in and have a chance to blog about it on Friday!  Viva la Bovine! I also lost my weekly goal of one pound. Moo.

You would think I’d be on cloud 9 but I’m not.  It would be more worth celebrating if the loss wasn’t due to the fact that I ate very little yesterday knowing I was going to record my weigh- in today.  It feels like cheating.  I did not do much on the dieting front all week (Although I didn’t gain weight which in my world is always a plus).  Spent one day eating nothing but almonds and cottage cheese and lost a pound. Cheater you say.  To which I respond, “I know, Moo!”

Not only is the 1 pd weight loss not a cause of celebration but if I were a betting Bovine, I’d bet on me gaining it back ASAP.  So, technically, it was a loss solely for the purpose of recording a loss today. How stupid (but very Bovinesque). Only made worse by the fact that I am coming clean about it so now you know that even though I happily recorded the one pound loss on My Fitness Pal, it is a fib and in all likelihood won’t be there for long.

I am going to work hard this week to keep that pound off and even harder to lose another pound by next Friday. Admittedly, I am happy to weigh 5 pounds less even if it’s only for today.  That’s 1/2 way to 10 pds and 10 pds seems substantial; a loss far enough away from my starting weight that I won’t gain it all back, does that make sense?

I am really determined that this is going to be my year to lose weight. 2013 is my year of getting lean. Dammit. I need to step up my game. I want to be fit and lean,  I do, I do, I do.  I just wish I didn’t have to work so hard to get there.

Why couldn’t I have been born a cheetah, instead of a Bovine??








One Comment on “Fit to be Friday (On Time!)”

  1. Shanny says:

    It’s hard. For everyone. Anyone who tells you it isn’t is full of shit. It’s hard for everyone in different ways though. Some people struggle with exercise, some with portion control, some with the constant self talk. Some people struggle with limiting sugar or alcohol. It is hard for everyone. Unfortunately there are parts that are harder than others and you’re in one of them. The Beginning. The beginning where not enough is different to notice, it would be a breeze to slide back to what is familiar and comfortable. You’re right, getting to a mark in the road, 10 pounds, will change things a bit. It’s easier to build on something than nothing! You’ll get to a point where forward is uncomfortable but going back is equally distasteful and so you’ll have to decide to just keep marching forward. Just keep marching forward. Do the next right thing as often as possible. You’ve got this, you do!

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