So Not Feeling It

I woke up today with a headache,  my period and an achy knee.  All I want in my trough is pretzel M&Ms.  Yes, even for breakfast.  Fortunately, there are no pretzel M&MS in the house so I can’t fill my trough as I’d like.

Yesterday I was all piss n vinegar.  My motivation was at on high and I had even convinced myself that I was going to lose 2 pds by Fit to be Fri/Sat.  I  rode the bike for a half an hour, ate well, and weighed myself this a.m. only to be up almost 2 pds.  I know it is water weight.  I know it will come right off.  I know that’s why I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday.  I know, I know, I know.

But I still have a headache, my period and an achy knee.  I am just not feeling motivated today.  I am going to cut myself a little slack and let my knee rest.  I have ridden the bike 3 days in a row and I think my knee is trying to tell me something.  I am going to up my water intake today so that I can flush my system.  I am going to keep my food intake low carb and high protein.

Not because I am feeling it…because I am most definitely NOT…but because I am worth it.  Because I want to be healthy and live to see my grandcalves, because I have some rockin’ jeans in a size 12 that I’d like to fit my hindquarters into by this time next year and because I am sick and tired of being fat.

So even though I am NOT feeling it, I am going to do it.  Moo!

Viva La Bovine!



Maybe I Should Change to Fit To Be Saturday

Today I am actually using yesterdays weigh-in results but am reporting a day late because life just got away from me yesterday.  The bad news is…..the damn scale didn’t move.  The good news is……the damn scale didn’t move UP!  I stayed the same. Moo!

Can I identify why there wasn’t movement down this week? Yup.  My youngest calf turned 7 yesterday and I made some bad choices when I was baking her amazingly delicious and homemade cinnamon bun birthday cake.  Can you make homemade cream cheese icing and not taste it? A lot?  You certainly know my answer.  There was also the problem of making time for my daily stationary bike ride.  Things like icing tasting got in the way.  Lastly, I didn’t drink enough water.  All things I am going to work hard to remedy this week.

I have added some fruit and yogurt to my low carb intake.   This is probably slowing things down a bit too but it has improved my bowel situation dramatically. That being the case continuing with 1 low-fat yogurt and 2 pieces of fruit a day seems wise.  I just can’t stomach the alternative….pun intended.

Even though I did not lose weight this week, I have still met my goal of a pound a week, as January has already seen a 4 pd lose.  The plan is to just keep on keeping on.  If I can average that 1 pd a week goal for the rest of the year, I will be down 52 pounds by next Jan.

Viva la Bovine!





WARNING: TMI to follow

I have been doing a modified Atkins for a little over a week now.  Staying low carb but not paying too much attention to which veggies fall into the low carb category.  I figure no one got fat from eating carrots.

Today, I actually purposely added some fruit because I have been having some pretty serious potty problems.  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)  When I say serious, I mean being so relieved to get to the nasty gas station bathroom before I crapped on myself that I wasn’t even grossed out by the stench…it was way worse when I left anyway.  I have also been having painful cramps which I think is related to the diarrhea although one doesn’t always follow the other.

I did a little research and discovered that this is not always that uncommon when in the induction phase of Atkins.  Adding a few pieces of fruit today was an experiment to see if the carbs help my bowels.  My intestines were not too happy during the day but they seemed to have calmed down a bit this evening so I am hoping I am on to something. A change from Atkins to Southbeach may be warranted.

Anyone else out there ever had these issues on low carb?

Viva La Bovine!



Fit to be Friday on Saturday…AGAIN

Maybe I should change the name to Fit to be Saturday…not as nice of a ring to it but I seem to keep missing Fridays for various reasons.  Yesterday, I had a good reason.  I am out of town and didn’t have access to a scale.  I did twitch a bit but made it through the day in unknown weight territory.  It was a bit touch n go at times but I did survive.

This morning I was in for a treat as I was down another pound for a total of 4 pds!  Yahoo! 

I have been avoiding carbs like the plague and I think that Dr. Atkins may have been on to something.  I am not eating bacon or red meat constantly…just low fat protein and veggies…no sweets, no bread, no carbs (except a little bit of fruit).  Clearly just reading A Course in Weightloss without some sort of diet to go with it was not leading to any sort of success but adding a diet seems to be doing something. 

I hope to continue the low carb thing as my body seems to be responding to it…at least for now.

Hooves Crossed.

Viva La Bovine!  Moo!



My Name Is Ima and I am a Scale-aholic

I have lost a few more pounds and can’t believe it.  There was no movement on the scale and then all of the sudden 3 pds in just as many days.  Yahoo!  Imagine a cow doing the happy dance…that was me this morning.

Technically, I shouldn’t be weighing in until Fit to be Friday. I certainly shouldn’t have updated MyFitnessPal.  But I in my shock and excitement, I just had to update.  I really, really, really wanted to see a number besides 0 on the MyFitnessPal widget I have on my site.

Yes, I am aware that I shouldn’t weight myself daily but I am a bit of a scale addict. (Snicker here…calling myself a bit of a scale addict is like saying Elvis Presley had a bit of a drug problem).  I weigh myself in the morning when I get up and I weigh myself at night before I go to bed.   Honestly, I am scale obsessed. My days are dictated by what the scale says in the morning. If the scale goes up, my day will suck.  If the scale goes down (or stays the same) I can have a good or decent day.

I know it is not healthy.  I know it is not normal.  Honestly, I repeatedly refer to myself as a bovine, did  you think I was healthy or normal?

This scale obsession has to stop but today is not the day for me to start working on it.  I am trying to change too much right now and taking away the scale may put me straight over the edge.  For the next while my focus is on water, exercise and staying away from those pesky carbs.  I have however put the scale monster on my list of things I need to conquer in the second half of 2013.

Viva La Bovine!  Moo!


What the..????

Yesterday, I was one frustrated bovine…a determined bovine, but frustrated.  I hadn’t really given up but I also decided not to pass up the fried chicken and apple pie that my nieghbor served for dinner.  I didn’t go hog wild but I did eat. 

And guess what???

I got on the scale this morning for reasons I can’t explain and am down a pound….Seriously!

I have no idea how that happened but I am not going to complain about it.  I am much more motivated than I was yesterday!  I am back on track and am hopeful once gain that 2013 is my year of getting lean. MOO!

Viva La Bovine!




Fit to be Friday Disappointing and Late

I weighed in yesterday expecting to see at least 1 pd down.  Instead there was no movement in the scale whatsoever.  NONE. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I didn’t post yesterday because I was embarrassed and disappointed and I needed a day to regroup.  I am trying really hard to work on my mind as much, if not more than, my body.  Whenever I don’t lose weight after trying I get so frustrated and angry that I often quit.  I am not going to quit this year though.  I can’t and I won’t.  My initial reaction yesterday was to just throw in the towel….lead myself to slaughter and call it a day.

I am disappointed.  I am embarrassed.  I hate how hard it is for me to lose weight.  Nonetheless, I am not giving up.

There is a bright side to this.  I didn’t gain weight.  I exercised 4 times this week, drank my water everyday (but yesterday) and realized that reading A Course in Weightloss is not going to be enough.  Listening to my body allows me to maintain…but I think I need to follow a weight loss plan to actually lose.

Hooves crossed that next weigh-in will be better.  Viva La Bovine!