It’s not Fit to Be Friday, I know, but Friday, I didn’t have access to a scale.  Saturday and Sunday we drove home from the funeral. (Such a relief to sleep in my own bed Sunday night.)  Yesterday I weighed myself and I was down another pound, which I happily recorded in My Fitness Pal.  This morning I am up 2 but I refuse to adjust the My Fitness Pal number for 2 reasons:

1. My food intake yesterday was on track so I think this weight gain is a temporary water sort of thing.

2. I don’t want to.

You are not technically supposed to weigh yourself daily anyway. If I wasn’t scale obsessed and hadn’t stepped on the scale this a.m., I wouldn’t even know. So I am just going to pretend that I have a healthy attitude about the scale and didn’t actually step on it this a.m.  Have I mentioned that I’m an expert at making excuses and rationalizing things?

Today I am going to up my water intake and avoid all carbs even the healthy whole grain ones….because no carbs seems to up my weightloss.   I will not do that forever, just for a day or two….until I lose those 2 pds, I have never really gained 😉




One Comment on “Weigh-In…Sorta”

  1. Shanny says:

    Life fluctuates! So does the scale, wouldn’t feel too badly for weighing daily, that’s something that a lot of people do!

    Eat clean, drink water, push on, my friend! You’re worth your best effort!

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