Fit to be Friday on Saturday…AGAIN

Maybe I should change the name to Fit to be Saturday…not as nice of a ring to it but I seem to keep missing Fridays for various reasons.  Yesterday, I had a good reason.  I am out of town and didn’t have access to a scale.  I did twitch a bit but made it through the day in unknown weight territory.  It was a bit touch n go at times but I did survive.

This morning I was in for a treat as I was down another pound for a total of 4 pds!  Yahoo! 

I have been avoiding carbs like the plague and I think that Dr. Atkins may have been on to something.  I am not eating bacon or red meat constantly…just low fat protein and veggies…no sweets, no bread, no carbs (except a little bit of fruit).  Clearly just reading A Course in Weightloss without some sort of diet to go with it was not leading to any sort of success but adding a diet seems to be doing something. 

I hope to continue the low carb thing as my body seems to be responding to it…at least for now.

Hooves Crossed.

Viva La Bovine!  Moo!



3 Comments on “Fit to be Friday on Saturday…AGAIN”

  1. loseitbig says:

    Seems like a great plan.

  2. Shanny says:

    Congrats on the lowering number! If you’re doing low carb already (which I assume means lack of bread/grains), you might go to Mark’s Daily Apple & investigate eating primally, the way it’s presumed our bodies yearn to be nourished. Weight loss becomes a more simplistic byproduct of a different way of living.

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