My Name Is Ima and I am a Scale-aholic

I have lost a few more pounds and can’t believe it.  There was no movement on the scale and then all of the sudden 3 pds in just as many days.  Yahoo!  Imagine a cow doing the happy dance…that was me this morning.

Technically, I shouldn’t be weighing in until Fit to be Friday. I certainly shouldn’t have updated MyFitnessPal.  But I in my shock and excitement, I just had to update.  I really, really, really wanted to see a number besides 0 on the MyFitnessPal widget I have on my site.

Yes, I am aware that I shouldn’t weight myself daily but I am a bit of a scale addict. (Snicker here…calling myself a bit of a scale addict is like saying Elvis Presley had a bit of a drug problem).  I weigh myself in the morning when I get up and I weigh myself at night before I go to bed.   Honestly, I am scale obsessed. My days are dictated by what the scale says in the morning. If the scale goes up, my day will suck.  If the scale goes down (or stays the same) I can have a good or decent day.

I know it is not healthy.  I know it is not normal.  Honestly, I repeatedly refer to myself as a bovine, did  you think I was healthy or normal?

This scale obsession has to stop but today is not the day for me to start working on it.  I am trying to change too much right now and taking away the scale may put me straight over the edge.  For the next while my focus is on water, exercise and staying away from those pesky carbs.  I have however put the scale monster on my list of things I need to conquer in the second half of 2013.

Viva La Bovine!  Moo!


2 Comments on “My Name Is Ima and I am a Scale-aholic”

  1. I weigh myself every day – the reason I got in this situation in the first place is my amazing ability to forget that eating like crap has consequences. I need to see the upward movement in the morning to make sure I remember. Prob not healthy, but hasn’t stopped me from enjoying some calorific food. But then I remember there are consequences.

    • It is funny how we can tell ourselves that a 500 calorie brownie doesn’t really count if you eat it standing up! I have all kinds of things I “forget” when it comes to crappy food. I keep weighing myself everyday because without a watchful eye I can gain 10 pds overnight. Course I can gain 10 pds overnight while weighing in too…..

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