Trigger Foods

Trigger foods.  Do you have them?  I sure do.

As I read more and more about compulsive and binge eating, I have learned that for many, myself included, there are certain foods that can set someone off on a binge.  Refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and white flour appear to be the biggest culprits but it is different for everyone.

Macaroni and cheese, ice cream, pizza for me are the worst; although I have been known to down unbelievable amounts of cookies and chocolate.  I have thought long and hard about what my food triggers are and have come to the conclusion that it is dairy and sugar.  As a child I was severely lactose intolerant (and was underweight I’d like to add).  I managed to somehow build a tolerance up for milk and can now eat milk products without having severe cramps or having my milk infused meal spew forth from either end.   It is probably noteworthy that I was never fat until I began consuming milk as a young teen, which not coincidentally is when my binge/compulsive eating began.  Is it possible?  Could a Bovine actually be lactose intolerant?

It’s inconceivable yet I can’t help but wonder if this early milk allergy some how effects my current response when I consume a milk product  Does my body’s funky way of processing milk put something in motion that makes continuous eating  inevitable?  I don’t know.  I could be full of manure and milk may have nothing to do with it.  I’ll let you know next week because as of this morning and for one full week I am giving up all dairy and most sugar (I am still not committed enough to give up my Coffeemate nondairy sweetened with sugar creamer in my morning coffee).

So far I have made it through Day 1, dairy and mostly sugar free.  I did not binge at all, was not even tempted. At around 2pm I really had a hankering for something sweet.  I managed to ward it off with an apple and a handful of mixed nuts.  I hope I can do as well tomorrow.  On an emotional level the day was fairly non eventful.  I am certain there is a huge emotional component to my eating as I tend to binge when I am angry or overwhelmed.  I am not quite sure how the trigger foods play into the emotional eating piece.  I suppose I have to figure that out as I go.

For now, I keep reminding myself that I am a work in progress and that I am going to have to keep trying different things until I figure out what works for me.  And I thought I was just going to join Weight Watchers and lose some weight.

My name is Ima Bovine and I am an emotional/binge eater who is a now lactose free Bovine.


5 Comments on “Trigger Foods”

  1. Trigger foods are something I learned about at an overeaters anonymous group. Learning what your trigger foods are can greatly increase your ability to control the overeating. My trigger foods includes carbs, I haven’t found the strength yet to avoid starchy carbs, but I do know that eating more protein with eat meal increases my metabolism and that potato and rice carbs are better for my body type then pasta and bread carbs. But I still have trouble controlling amounts when i start eating them. Good luck with your no dairy, you should lose weight just with that choice because of the salt and fat that is in dairy. My hubby tells me that I am lactose intolerent, but I refuse to step out of denial of that yet!

    • It does seem like almost all good foods have dairy in them, doesn’t it? Hooves crossed that I lose weight. Right now my focus is more on not binging and avoiding certain foods but I certainly would not mind some incidental weight loss 🙂

  2. Shanny says:

    I have trigger foods…..some of them are from my old days of living a horribly unhealthy life and they are too reminiscent of those days so I can’t even look at them let alone eat them again.

    But currently? Lindt balls. I lose my frigging mind! One of those things crosses my lips and then next thing I know I’ve eaten 40 of them. I’m not even kidding you….its a little embarassing actually. So those are out now. Completely. As though they were heroin! It’s not all chocolate that does this….just those.

  3. Those LIndt things are amazing…they are pretty small so how bad can 40 be? LOM (Lots of Moos 🙂 – They are in my category of foods to avoid too….any milk chocolate thing. I am okay with dark and semi sweet chocolate but milk chocolate and white chocolate are like my krptonite …the list is growing by the second. Humph!

  4. Bella says:

    I definitely have trigger foods and at this point in my journey, it’s best that I just avoid them, rather than tempting myself with trying to eat them “in moderation,” because that’s just not going to happen right now.

    Great post.

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