I Told the Bull

Do you ever have a time where you build something up in your head to be this giant thing and then you do/say/talk about it and it turns into no big deal.  That is how telling the Bull was.

My books arrived.  He asked me what was in the box.

I said, “I bought myself some books on compulsive eating.  I think I am a compulsive/emotional eater.”

The Bull, “You and most of America.”

Me, “No seriously, I think I have a real problem and I need to start doing something about it.”

The Bull, “Okay, I probably have the same problem.  Let me know what you learn.”

Me, “I will.”

The Bull, “What’s for dinner?”

So there you have it.

We have spoke about it a little since then.  I read him some passages of one of the books that really apply to me.  He laughed with me when I joked about how text book I am.   If I want to pursue therapy, he is good with it.  No matter what, he will help me any way he can.

I am lucky.  He is a good Steed.

My name is Ima Bovine and I am an emotional/binge eater who told the Bull that I’m a mess and he loves me anyway.

3 Comments on “I Told the Bull”

  1. Aww good! Happy reading!

  2. Shanny says:

    Oh, excellent, I wouldn’t have expected any less!

    You’ve been dealing with this your whole life, you just didn’t have a name for it! Now you can call it what it is, get a bit of help in whatever form that ends up being and put your life going in the direction you choose.


    • I have to say I was very relieved by his reaction. I told my mom last night too. It is a huge relief to tell those close to me and I have to say I have been really touched by their responses. I am one lucky bovine.

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