Fit To Be Friday.;..Stomach Flu

I have spent the past 48 hours cleaning vomit off the ceiling.  I did not go to my weigh-in today because I had to stay home with my youngest calf who was doing her best Exorcist imitation; which for a 6 year old is very impressive.

Honestly, I was not all that upset about missing the big weigh day because I am very PMSee, I am up a cup size in each breast, my jeans are hard to button, and I am making a Bull Fighting Bull look like a miniature poodle.  Between sleep deprivation and hormones,  I am quite certain a weigh in would not have yielded good results.

I am too tired to do a run down each of my baby goals but until Vomiting Vicki reared her ugly, smelly head I had been doing fairly well on them and was confident I was going to be at a loss today.

If I wasn’t so dang tired I’d be more upset about it.  The nice thing about severe sleep deprivation is I really don’t care what I weigh, I just want to climb in a vomit free bed and sleep.  That appears to be much easier said then done.  Thank goodness for the washing machine, the dryer and my can of Lysol…they have all had a lot of use the past 2 days.

M O O,

My Inner, Irritable, & Overtired Bovine

2 Comments on “Fit To Be Friday.;..Stomach Flu”

  1. Oh bovine I fully understand your woes! I think my child is sick every other weekend, and my doctor just look at me funny when I tell her that Joslyn vomits more than most kids. Most mornings I’m on edge wondering what mess I am going to have to clean up today! I don’t usually bother to ever put up my steam cleaner, when I know I will need it later that day!

    • Oh no…I am sorry your little one is sick so much. I love having calves but vomit is the worst. I guess I am fortunate in that for the most part my calves make it to the bathroom in time….but this time my poor little one was such a mess…MOOOOOOO… far today, it looks like we are on the mend…hooves crossed.

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