Fit to be Friday #3 – FAIL

I was feeling super motivated earlier in the week and then everything came crashing down.  It has been a trying week with lots of little things going wrong…Car trouble, missed appointments, lost dog (very briefly), one calf getting picked on at school (which is the worst), an annoying co-worker, I even had a lamp spontaneously combust today and almost burn down the stable…but I didn’t think I was all that stressed.  I have no good reason for my goal meeting failure. I just didn’t stay focused.  I was lazy and I made this amazing ravioli casserole for the calves that was irresistible; a recipe I will NOT share…nothing good can come of sharing that recipe.

Here’s how I did…warning this is  not for the faint of heart or the enthusiastically optimistic.

64 ounces of water a day 7X
Fiber weight loss drink before each meal 7X
Daily Mutli-vitamin 2 or 3X, I can’t even remember 😦
Walk my dogs 1 mile/day 3X –  weather here is still rainy and miserable so that has interferred (howver I walked them today when the rain slowed so it can be done, I have just been using the weather as my excuse)
Water work-out class 1X/week 1X – and it was a super awesome class – poolattes, I give it 2 hooves up!
25 min weight workout 0
Track my food 2X
Weigh-In at Weight Watchers Nope – cuz I new it was not going to be pretty so I chickened out.

Now, as I wrote about earlier in the week, I have a boat load of awesome costume jewelry in a drawer waiting for me to reward myself.  I also went through my closet and I have 4 or 5 super cute pairs of jeans in a size 14…this Bovine’s derriere is only going to be able to squeeze into those babies if I drop at least 10 pds.  I really, really want that big stretchy ring and I want to cram my bum into the boyfriend Levi’s so you’d think I’d be a Weight Watchers fool.  I honestly don’t know what my problem was.

What I learned last week, and it seems so simple, is that when I focus solely on these baby step goals (not even all of them but just most of them) and don’t get overwhelmed by how overweight I am, I actually lose some of said weight…and when I don’t, guess what? I’m too embarrassed to go to my weigh-in to make whatever weight I’ve gained official.  It is sad, but it is true.

This is a whole new week, so I am going to do my best not to beat myself up and to just pick up where I left off last week; taking baby steps towards meeting mybaby step  goals.  So far today I have been on track, lots of water, dogs got their walk, and I wrote down my food before I ate it so I could track backwards, that seems to be easier for me.

Hooves crossed that I am more successful next week.

M O O,

My Inner Bovine



3 Comments on “Fit to be Friday #3 – FAIL”

  1. Still rooting for you! You can do it!

  2. Thanks Teresa…some days I believe that more than others. Still trying to just stay focused on my babystep goals today….better go pour myself a trough of water.

    • Your welcome. I have been feeling awful the last two days and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, until I realized that I was probably dehydrated from working out and not drinking water. Drinking a trough right now.

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