My Personal Rewards

I did something today, I don’t usually do.  I spent a lot of money on myself.  Sears was having this crazy sale on jewelry; 75% off.   All kinds of cute hoop earrings, big bejeweled bracelets and those giant rings with the stretchy bands that all the 15 year olds are wearing and I have wanted forever but am too cheap to buy.  I bought it all.  If I liked it, I threw it in my cart.  It was sort of like binge eating only I was binge buying…much better for my thighs but not so much for my bank account.

I had a ridiculously bad morning consisting of a blown out tire, missed dentist appointment, and a day off work as I spent the afternoon shopping at Sears while I was waiting for my car to be repaired at their Auto Center…(no, this is not a sponsored post for Sears.)  Had I been this frazzled and stressed at home, I would have eaten….whatever I could find.  Instead, I shopped…for me…whatever I could find.

Of course I did not buy clothes, didn’t even look at clothes because I don’t like how I look right now.  So I went to the jewelery, which worked out well because they were having such a big sale.

When I got home and went through everything, I felt guilty…until I didn’t because I made a plan.  I am not going back to Sears to return everything.  I am going to use my new beautiful purchases as a reward system for myself.  For every week I meet all of my weekly goals, even food tracking, for 5 days of the week or more, I am going to get to pick something out of my new stash.  Every 5 pounds, I will get to revisit the stash.

This is going to be my new rewards system.  Sort of like the sticker chart I have hanging in the kitchen for the calves (that they all ignore)….and I think I will meet all of those goals soon…I really, really want that giant ring!


3 Comments on “My Personal Rewards”

  1. sounds like a good plan! I hope you meet your goals. Wish me luck please I am working towards goals too! headed to the gym this morning, I hope I stick with it!

  2. Good luck on reaching your goals. A big high hoof for making it to the gym this a.m. I am taking my 11 year old to a water aerobics class tonite. Its always good when I plan to take her…insures that I go.

    I hope I stick with it too. This dieting thing is tough. I’ll keep my hooves crossed for us both!

    • Thanks I will do that to for you! Made it day number two for my workout. By the way, I use blogger and was thinking of possibly moving to wordpress do you know if it is easier? Do you like using wordpress?

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