Aqua Aerobics, I Believe I Owe You an Apology

I did it!  I went to an Aqua Aerobics class today.  It was actually much harder than I ever anticipated and get this…I was not the youngest one! There was someone else my age.  She was in great shape, not an ounce of fat, and says she’s been doing aqua aerobics for years.   She was very motivating and our constant chatter actually made the class fun.

I enjoyed staying mostly underwater so no one could see my how off rhythm and jiggly I am.  I am admittedly quite surprised at the work-out that I got.  My hips are sore, my thighs are sore and I don’t even want to talk about my poor gluteus maximus, even my biceps are tired.  Who would’ve figured?

The atmosphere was really very nice.  It was mostly older, heavy women and they were all so supportive of each other.  Everyone was just happy to be there and it was not competitive at all.  No one cared how anyone else looked in a swim suit, there was lots of shared giggles when a move seemed a bit tough and all kinds of hoots of enthusiasm when we all completed 100 frog jumps.    It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to going back.  I may even catch the class this Wednesday and not wait an entire week to go again.  I only committed to going once a week but I am actually looking forward to doing it again.  Crazy huh?

I would like to take this moment to formally apologize to aqua aerobics.  Aqua aerobics, I am sorry I underestimated you and I feel like a big dolt for waiting so long to check you out.

M O O,

My Inner Bovine

One Comment on “Aqua Aerobics, I Believe I Owe You an Apology”

  1. Go you! You can do it! I was supposed to meet up at the gym today with a trainer to get me on a plan and had to cancel because my daughter was sick. I have not had a great start but I will not let it stop me.

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