Curse You Christmas Cookies!

211.6…yup, the scale is going in the wrong direction.  Although it could have been way, way worse.  I made well over 8 batches of Christmas cookies this week-end for events at the calves schools this week.  I would have been remiss to not make sure the cookies tasted okay, wouldn’t I?  I was actually expecting a worse outcome for this mornings weigh-in.  That being said, I need to up my game from here on out for sure.

I feel very motivated I must say.  I know time is short but I do believe I can do this 5 pds, (well now 6.2 pds) by xmas thing.  Maybe I am just deluding myself but I am going to continue to do so.  It feels much better to have a can-do attitude then a defeatest one so I might as well chose what feels good.

Some might say that choosing what feels good as opposed to what is good for me is what got me to the scary weight that I am at now.  They would be correct.  However, in this case, I can’t help but think a can-do attitude about weight loss is what’s good for me…so continue deluding I go.

What’s the worst that can happen?  I stay super motivate and attempt to lose weight…even if I only lose 2 pds, I’m ahead, right?  Maybe you guys will Moo at me…that’s okay, I can take it.  Besides if Idon’t meet my Christmas goal, there’s always New Years!

M O O,

My Inner Bovine


3 Comments on “Curse You Christmas Cookies!”

  1. free2bme123 says:

    One day at a time . . . and those Christmas cookies, heck Christmas in general is setting me back a bit as well. Good luck!

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