More Weight Watchers “Tips”????

I got another email from Weight Watchers full of   “helpful” tips to help survive the holidays.  I have to say these emails crack me up.  As I read them all I want to say is Diagnosis D’uh. What wise person came up with:
  • Keep your portions small (would I be on Weight Watchers in the first place if I kept my portions small?)
  • Instead of chips and dips, fill up on fruits and veggies (again would I be on Weight Watchers if I made the wise choice of fruits and veggies instead of feeding My Inner Bovine with the food she so enjoys?)
  • Don’t spend your time eating, instead head out to the dance floor (okay, I am a 200+ pd white woman with no rhythm what so ever.  The last thing I want to do in front of my co-workers is jiggle my fat off beat, I mean seriously?)

I find the best way to handle office parties or any parties for that matter when I am really motivated to stay on plan is to eat before I go so I am not hungry.  Being full seems to keep My Inner Bovine quiet so I can enjoy the party and not focus on the food.  I also find it helpful to drink gallons of water….constantly walking to the bathroom has to be good for activity points, don’t you think?

Anyone else have some good tips….something better than stay away from the fattening food and head toward the veggies?


3 Comments on “More Weight Watchers “Tips”????”

  1. Shanny says:

    Decide which is more important, your goals/future or cheese.

  2. I know I commented about the Kinect over on another post, but I’ll say it again here. Kinect was made for people like me! I would never make it at a gym, I can’t stand the thought of other people looking at me, and trying to keep up with exercise tapes etc makes me feel like a doofus. I’ve had seven kids, and four of those pregnancies I needed steroids, so the weight just refused to come off. Playing Zumba on Kinect makes me feel like I am playing a game I like, rather than trying to shed the rest of the pounds. When I started over the summer I weighed 208 pounds, I’m down to 172 now. Admittedly. if I was inclined to drop the sodas and the other stuff I eat it would probably be much more…. but thats another story 🙂

    • Wow!!! Good for you..a 36 pd loss! I hope I can lose that. I am trying to stay positive. I was losing just a pd a week until thanksgiving…which had me up a little…I keep telling myself slow and steady is the way to go but it is so frustrating….but I digress. Congratulations to you and your fabulous weightloss…I may have to ask for a Kinect for the holidays!

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