Am I Going to the Fat Farm?

Do you  ever have those days where you are starving all day and nothing seems to fill you up?  I am having one today.  I am so hungry and all I want to do is graze.   I could do nothing but eat all day…only I can’t because the pressure is on to lose weight.  I need to really apply myself and lose 10 pds by the end of December.  If I don’t come close, I have told the Bull I will spend two weeks at a fat farm.  I do not want to leave the calves for 2 weeks…I do not want to leave My Mother Bovine in charge for 2 weeks (not good for my marriage)…and I don’t want to spend money I don’t really have on a fat farm.

The problem is I HAVE to lose weight.  It is effecting my health, both physically and emotionally.  I am having knee issues and am in constant pain.  I feel fat and ugly and really I don’t want to go out or do too much because I am embarrassed with how I look.  I have nothing cute to wear.  I have known a few people who have done the fat farm thing and it really jump started their weight loss.  I am feeling desperate.  I don’t know what else to do and I am once again not being a very successful Weight Watcher.

So, I have decided that I have to stick to the Weight Watchers plan like my life depends on it…because in a way, it really does.  If I lose 10 pds (or reasonably close to it) I will push off the fat farm for one more month.  If not…fat farm prepare yourself for My Inner Bovine.

M O O,

My Inner Bovine

6 Comments on “Am I Going to the Fat Farm?”

  1. Frankie says:

    Hi My Inner Bovine! I just wanted to tell you that I have been inspired to get back into shape and to take better care of myself. It has been about a couple of months since i Last exercised so getting back into shape will be hard. Oh I also wanted to say don’t be discouraged, it is hard to lose weight but if you eat right and exercise you will get to the picture of health. Just wanted to tell you that.

  2. Shanny says:

    If you are starving all day long and nothing is really satisfying you, check with yourself that it’s tummy hunger and not emotional or mouth hunger (you know, that NEED to have something in your mouth).

    If you are actually hungry and not being satisfied, try almonds….high in good fat and fat satiates.

    Regarding the fat farm… are a strong woman, you have a family that didn’t raise themselves and I’m sure you have friends who love and appreciate you. YOU have to appreciate you now and make this very, very important. It gets easier, I swear to GOD, it gets easier….you just have to get to a point where your little snowflake can turn into a little snowegg and then eventually a bigger snowball.

    Maybe WW is too restrictive for you? What if you tried only lean protein, all the fruits and veg you can eat and good fat (olive oil, almonds etc). Pretty hard to gain weight on that stuff. Possible that any carbs are causing carb cravings that are difficult to get through?

  3. I just wanted to encourage you. It seems like you are pretty down on yourself right now. I agree with the previous poster about the lean protein, fruit/veg and good fat. I was actually going to suggest that. I tried WW a few times and found that it required too much counting for me. Too much monitoring. What I want is something relatively easy for me. Your post hit so close to home for me that I thought about you all last night while I was trying to sleep. What if you focused on lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit with good fats and cut out white, starchy stuff and processed sugar? You would have to move your body some way every day as well. I have a problem with that. I’m allergic to exercise. I somehow think that I will just wake up one day and look and feel the way I want to. You also might want to check out this website: Spark People. I’ve used it and it helped me out a lot. They don’t advocate any sort of diet. They just support you. It’s free and you will find exercises, meal plans, forums and lots of other stuff there. Please remember that you are more than your weight. You are so much more than what the scale says.

  4. J. says:

    celery is your friend. 7 calories per stalk. Not my fave either, but a true friend when the points are low.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I do appreciate it all. Funny how internet friends can be so helpful even though we’ve never met, isn’t it? I will check out Spark People today. Thanks for that!

  6. sweetopiagirl says:

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