I Survived Thanksgiving, Seriously

I survived Thanksgiving with a total 3 pd gain (this includes the 2 pds I gained before Thanksgiving that caused me to skip my Weight Watchers meeting before Thanksgiving so technically I only gained 1 pd over the Thanksgiving).  For many this would be a bad thing but for me, it’s pretty good.  My Thanksgiving includes two 12 hour roadtrips with the Bull and the Calves…that’s right 12 hours in the car with those I love the most yet can drive me the craziest.

And what does this Bovine do when driving cross country?  Well, typically, I eat.  Snacking keeps me awake, it gives me something to do to whittle away the long, long hours…have I mentioned that Indiana is the longest state in the entire world?  On top of that, you know what they have along all of the highways that we traverse…Dairy Queens…many, many Dairy Queens….a stop at a Dairy Queen is a Bovine family tradition.  And stop we did.  The calves got treats, the Bull got a mini treat, I got a Diet Coke.  I felt proud…my mouth was watering… but my heart was proud that I didn’t cave.

I was also prepared.  I brought Fuji apples, Special K cracker chips and Laughing Cow cheese (a happy coincidence)….and I ate lots of that stuff and I managed to survive.   I even only brought healthy car treats for the calves, much to their chagrin.  And the good news?  I have already lost 1 pd of the weight I gained and am cautiously optimistic that the other 2 will be gone by my Friday weigh-in.  Yay me!


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