Why I have been MOOless?

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit mooless for a few days.  You may also notice that there was no major weightloss announcement last Friday.  I am embarrassed to admit this but I skipped the meeting on Friday.  I could say it was because I  had to go to two Thanksgiving Feasts at the calves school.  I could say that it was because I had to work and clean the house and pack all of us up for our 12 hour “Over the River and Thru the Woods” road trip to Grandma Bovine’s house.  I could even say I overslept.

But you know what? It was none of those things.  I skipped the meeting and haven’t blogged because I am embarrassed.  I got on my own scale and I gained weight last week.  2 pounds.  I did it because I ate too much.  There was no big party, no major event, not even emotional trauma (unless you count the anticipation of being surrounded by my extended herd for the holiday as emotional trauma which in all honesty it just may be).  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I just ate like the bovine that I am.

I didn’t want to go to the meeting and face my Miraculously Melting neighbor (who is still miraculously melting).  I didn’t want the gain recorded in my weight loss booklet.   I didn’t want to write about it because it’s humiliating.  I have no one to blame but My Inner Bovine.

I have not given up the weightloss bandwagon and I was even back on plan on Saturday and Sunday.  During the 12 hour drive I ate apples and Special K cracker chips and didn’t even cheat at Dairy Queen (and if there is any place that is compelling to me, it’s Dairy Queen).  And if I have to be completely honest, I figure if I have to record a weight gain at the next meeting, I can always blame Thanksgiving….

M O O.

My Inner Bovine


5 Comments on “Why I have been MOOless?”

  1. Shanny says:

    I love the “My Inner Bovine” concept, I think it’s quite clever…..but I think sometimes that you miss the fact that you are actually human and not a cow.

    “I just ate like the bovine that I am”….maybe I’m just reading it wrong but it seems like you’re really dragging yourself through the mud about the 2 pound gain. Maybe you did eat more, maybe your upcoming family gatherings are stressful and you were comforting yourself with food. Maybe you temporarily lost the motivation and haven’t quite mastered the determination that needs to step in when the motivation wanes.

    That’s alright, this is a learning journey, 2 pounds isn’t the end of the world. Remember how you rocked Halloween and the weeks that came before that. Maybe, if you’re feeling a little down or hard on yourself after this week’s gain, it’ll be a reminder to you in the future that you don’t want to feel badly about your efforts and you’ll be better able to moderate your decisions.

    This gain is not a failure, it’s a twist in the road that you didn’t see coming. Now you can look back, see what happened and be better prepared in the future. Please don’t be embarassed…..there are so many people reading and struggling and going back and forth….if we all only posted our successes, the people struggling would feel even worse, like they are the only ones not rocking the journey.

    Aaaaaannnnddd…..if I’ve overstepped or this is annoying or preachy to you then please delete as needed.

    Happy Monday!

    • You made me smile…it’s true sometimes I do forget I’m a human not a cow…many days I feel like a cow than a human. I loved your comment…no deleting necessary. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Frankie says:

    Please do not be sad Inner Bovine. You should not be upset by a 2 pound weight gain, Remember it is only 2 pounds, you might have just weighted yourself at a different time than you usually do, people’s weight fluctuates during the day.

    • Thanks Frankie – I know 2 pds is not that big of a deal except I was only down 6 so that is a 1/3 gain. However, I am back on track now and am trying to stay positive. One of the 2 is gone and hopefully the other one will be on it’s merry way before Thanksgiving (so I can gain it back then…hee, hee)

      Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Try not to beat yourself up about a weight gain. You are not your weight. You are your heart and your brain; your soul and your spirit. You are so much more than what the scale says. It’s so easy to get trapped in that cycle of guilt over eating what we perceive as bad. In my humble opinion, there is no “bad” food. It’s all just food. Just keep in mind that old adage, “everything in moderation” and I think you’ll be fine.

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