Thoughts for Halloween Candy

If you can’t tell, I’m very worried about Halloween.  I have only been doing Weight Watchers seriously for a week (my weigh in is tomorrow) and the temptations brought on by all that Halloween candy is going to be way  more than this Bovine can handle.   I would just as soon not bring any of it into the house but I have 4 calves who have been planning their trick or treat route for the past 2 months.  My oldest has set the goal high.  His plan is to hit all 203 houses in our subdivision. I fear for my own personal safety should I tell him that he can’t keep his Halloween candy.  I would be sent to the slaughter house for sure.

Last year, a local dentist was collecting candy in exchange for cash.  He then sent the candy to the troops overseas.  If there is anything that my calves like more than chocolate, it’s cash.  So I was able to convince them to do it.  Actually, I was really proud of them as they were excited to donate the candy to the troops and even gave the cash they received to our church for the homeless.

It was great but I haven’t seen any ads for it this year…Humph.  I guess I could buy the candy from them and donate it somewhere.  Of course, I do run the risk of buying all the candy and then hiding in my garage to eat it.  It’s much safer to find a place for it out of the house….far far away.

I am going to have the Bull take some into work and fatten up his co-workers…after that I am out of ideas.  Do you have any suggestions as to how to avoid over indulging in Halloween candy?  Please don’t give me the Weight Watchers mantra of moderation.  This Bovine is an all or nothing kind of cow.

M O O ,

My Inner Bovine

2 Comments on “Thoughts for Halloween Candy”

  1. Debbie says:

    Here’s what I do (similar to what you are thinking of)- I made a deal with my kids- they each pick out 10 pieces of candy they want to keep. I pay them for the rest. The going rate at my house is $20 for each kid. My husband puts the candy in the trunk of his car on Halloween night and it’s gone the next day. I don’t know what he does with it and I don’t care. Maybe it goes to his office or maybe he drops it in a dumpster somewhere. If you HAVE to know where it goes have the Bull take it to a homeless shelter or other charity. Get it out of the house immediately!

    It’s not there for me to eat and it’s not there for my kids to learn to “binge” on candy. When they only have a limited amount of candy, trust me- they try to make it last. They also know exactly how much they have and will guard it from you so there is no “sneaking” of their candy.

    My last tip is about the candy you have to buy to pass out- I don’t buy it till Halloween Day. Drugstores usually don’t run out. I don’t care if it cost a little more than I’d pay somewhere else- the goal is to not eat it. Limit the amount of time you have that crap in your house. I also buy the kinds I don’t like. Buying your favorites is dangerous- DON’T do it.

    Good Luck!

  2. J. says:

    Debbie makes good points. I was going to say just throw it out. Wasteful as it is, beats eating it. Mine are coming to work with me and being put out far from me.

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