My Inner Bovine – Take Two

This is my second attempt at this blog and at major weight loss this year.  I started blogging about losing weight in July while trying the Four Hour Body Diet.  Apparently, my body needs way more than four hours because the diet did not work for me at all.  The Bull did great on it however and is almost at his goal.  Go figure.

A few weeks ago, I started Weight Watchers with my neighbor.  So far I have lost a few pounds and am liking it well enough.  I still hate dieting.  I still want to do nothing but complain about it which is why I am going to be whining about Weight Watchers from here on out instead of the Four Hour Body Diet.  Same whining, just a different diet to complain about.

Because I am pretty funny and I like what I write most of the time, some of the former posts may be recycled and reused with a Weight Watchers tweek.  Hopefully this won’t bother the 3 readers that I had when I was complaining about the Four Hour Body diet.

So,here I go again….

M O O,

Ima Bovine

2 Comments on “My Inner Bovine – Take Two”

  1. Debbie says:

    Glad you are back to blogging!

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